It gives me pleasure to welcome you as a student of sai school of education poonch. There is no doubt that your school enjoys the proud and is Indeed a unique institute in this district it is true to say that this school has earned a lot of appreciation and has been out of the most reputed school stablish 30 Jan, Being situated in the heart of the city this school has associated so many students from outside and this is being provided quality education by these free educated and experienced teachers. This school aims at raising the standard of education by providing them educational practices to ensure them the compete with the students studying anywhere and everywhere in and outside the country all the teachers working here has the experience, qualification, confidence to provide you supervision guidance and encouragement so that you may be able to understand your responsibility by becoming responsible citizens of the nation. I welcome you all to be the host of this unique school and cooperative with all our staff and the faculty members, sot that treasure hidden in the mind and body of the children can be unfolded. I on behalf of the management and staff assume you all that we shall leave no stone continued in developing the personality and potential of our children with your kind and support so that the parents the school and the society may feel proud.